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A gathering of nerds or goofs going to that special outing.
The indecisive mumblings of a group of twits.
Several people chuckled at the dorkfest on their way in to see
Ernest gets a circumcision.
by johnnisalsa February 22, 2008
Anything that your roommate whipped up out of shit in the fridge.Usually tastes like shit too!
Hey Bob! Whats for dinner? I'm not sure? I think its called Phlogg. Whats Phlogg? I dono.
by johnnisalsa February 22, 2008
The feeling a man gets when he pops the question to that special someone, and is afraid of being shunned.
Sally could sense the pretenshun on dear Alexander's face as he waited:looking deep into her eyes;for her reply.
by johnnisalsa February 22, 2008
The velocity at which someone can fuck something up.
OR what you say to your friend Lance when he really pisses you off.
the fuckulance that Bill displayed on the Dormer account was unrivaled, Don't ya think?
by johnnisalsa February 20, 2008

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