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A drug produced by a stunninglee beautiful woman that intoxicates any level headed male into acting like a complete jackass.
Symptoms may include: randomness,spastic hyper abilities,a warm feeling in your chest,needlessly undertaking manual labor,spacing out,jonesing/withdrawl.
Mel! I don't know why I did or said that!...you?...you slipping me amphetamones or something?
by johnnie777 October 19, 2009
A girl that is both good to look at and good to eat.

A particularly tasty edible.

Synonymous with any other word that means fantastic/awesome/ace etc.
Euoh! Melissa...Your soo beautyleecious!
by johnnie777 October 18, 2009
Girl that dilligently works in a tattoo/piercing parlor, underpayed,and under appreciated and is stunninglee beautiful.
Mel,congratulations for being next months featured hottest shop girl in inked!
by johnnie777 October 18, 2009
1.A term used to describe "Lee"s ass,hottest model on suicidegirls.com.

2.Can be used as ,and mean bootylicious,but with an emphasis on the "lii".
"Mingia!...your ass is bootyleecious"

"Don't taunt me with gel grip!...I know its not as bootyleecious as the real deal."

"Mel,those tattoos are freakin awesome! Kiss-kiss...They really emphasize your bootyleecious-ness!"
by johnnie777 October 22, 2009
A woman so stunninglee attractive that she just moves you...
you're soooo sweet,
your smile..
your pusssy, and..
your boness
you're on fiiiire,
you move meeee,
like musiiiic,
with youuur styyle...
Melissa,Your beautiful. I just want you to know.
by johnnie777 October 18, 2009

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