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3 definitions by johnnie o'toole

Commonly recognized as the best centerfielder in baseball, plays for the saint louis cardinals. 8 time gold glover, career .294 batting average, hits for power and average, strikes out a lot, fast runner, likes to make dramatic catches all of the time, cool dude.
holy cow Jim Edmonds just robbed a homer.
by johnnie o'toole November 21, 2005
learned how to hit in 2005, otherwise a solid player defensively, career .270 hitter but started 2005 at an outrageous .390. probably not going to last
Derrik Lee can play first base really well
by johnnie o'toole November 21, 2005
like the worst player to ever be considered in an mvp race ever. career batting average is like .270, strikes out 90 percent of the time, hits .100 something with runners in scoring position, needs to find another hobby besides throwing his back out swinging a piece of wood.
wow that andruw jones guy just hit the ball a mile, i wonder if him going from hitting 30homeruns to hitting 51 homeruns has anything to do with steiroids. . . .
by johnnie o'toole November 21, 2005