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ˈter rarrrrr\ skwäd\
1. a. an adjective that generally describes a group of 3 obese females

b. sometimes thought to be associated with BBW: Big Beautiful Women, but rarely and typically to oneself

c. The Trifecta, known, but rarely discussed thought to involve sexual intercourse with all 3 members

<rumors have it that if such event take place that man will be eaten by the terror squad>
2. notable for having an unusual amount of fat

3. really fat

Synonyms: fat fuck, gross, abortion, hippo, gernade, not slim, hungry, whore, zoo creature, gross, lardy, obese, overweight, plump, Rosanne, John Goodman

Antonyms: hot chicks, sexy, girls you want to be seen with, prude, skinny, in shape, sober, anorexic, BF% under 65, STD free, fruit, vegetables, Body Mass Index under 25, hot naked
"We better get to the buffet quick I hear the Terror Squad is on their way."

"I'm not going to Joes, I heard the Terror Squad is there."

"Did you see that bus?

No, it was hidden behind the Terror Squad."

"Let's go to the gym, at least I know I won't have to put up with seeing the terror squad."

"Hey do you want to get taco bell? No we can't the Terror Squad fucked it and then ate it"

"Does it feel fatter in here or is it just the Terror Squad."
by johngoodman2121 March 08, 2011

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