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2 definitions by johnbon

A sweet beautiful loving girl. The kindest at heart, and the most giving. She can be sweet but just as bitchy, a little cocky but hey thats okay.. You can trust her with anything and she wouldn't tell a soul. And when she loves, she loves hard, so keep her close.
A: Hey is that a Boushra??
B: Dude you gotta go talk to her!
by johnbon May 11, 2013
A girl with a mouth full of sand gives a guy a blow job, and his shaft is scrapped uncomfortably by each individual grain. Needless to say, the experience isn't enjoyable for either party, and the couple is hopefully wasted on a beach - otherwise why the fuck would her mouth be all sandy.
Kate got drunk and sand blasted some dude on the beach.
by JohnBon July 24, 2005