1 definition by john881

A word used in the United States Army usually used by pogue ass bitches. It can mean pretty much anything. If you get caught saying this word where i am from you get the fuckin shit smoked out of you and a good "we got a detail behind the conex" AKA a good jumping. sometimes used by Infantry men to fuck with thier nco's must be over emphasized tho and must be said in a very high pitched girly voice.
Sgt: grab some guys do a quick police call then bring ur rucks and kits here to be inspected for tomorrows road march.

cherry ass Infantry Pfc: (over emphasizing) roger Sgt. hooooooooaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

pogue SFC that hasnt deployed yet: you all ready for your first 50 cal range!!!!????

Pogues: (with high enthusiasm) Hooah!! SGT!!!!!!!!!!
by john881 March 22, 2010

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