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3 definitions by john waldie

The act of quietly scanning a crowded bar looking for table but not letting others know you are looking, therefore giving away the fact that you are their competition. Trying to avoid the "45 min wait" for table.
There is a 2 hour wait for a table. Suddenly I saw a table across the room but how do I get there without these other assholes seeing it too. Damn I've got good bardar. I just felt the empty table.
by john waldie March 10, 2007
9 5
a huge fucking storm. A mixing of the words hurricane and tornado. Often targets trailer parks and various forms of mobile residences.
Holy shit, from the looks of this wind, there is a huge hurricanado coming. Take cover!
by john waldie March 10, 2007
6 4
pronounced mew ki. a huge amount of mucus or snot!
Look at that kid. He is covered in muci. His mom should wipe his face.
by john waldie March 10, 2007
2 6