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short for chuckle to myself
kinda like lol but more realistic, because who actually laughs out loud when they write that? I mean if something's really funny you end up writing lmao or something. ctm just seems to be more relevent, more often. and as an added plus people can't read it as a word; they would have to say the letters separately, unlike stupid people who actually say lol in real life.
well that escalated quickly ctm

betcha 5 bucks you wont eat that ctm

why do black people who get out of jail become muslims? ctm
by john the pimp January 28, 2013
One who surfs the internet and actually finds girls and couples to play. There are only a rare few craigslist junkies. Most people who use craigslist do not take their time, and are impolite, or just send you pictures of "their" wang. Craigslist junkies may also be known as players, though they do not often get to sex. craigslist junkies always remember to stay safe, never give out personal information and never use their real e-mail adress. craigslist junkies always know how to treat a lady, and they can make anyone at the bar burst out laughing.
guy 1: yeah so i met a bucha girls on craigslist.
guy 2: yeah? what did you guys do?
guy 1: we went to outback. free lobster bro!
guy 2: get a life ya craigslist junkie.
by john the pimp December 19, 2012
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