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A horribly unattractive woman. Of male physical features. Resembles Gimili the troll, a character from the movie, The Lord of the Rings.
The woman we saw was certainly a gimili.
by John Smith September 21, 2003
MEGAginge is the name of an ex moderator of nukezone and founder of the now ended mega crew - He is either loved or hates but is for sure a legend
Newbie: MEGAginge is a legend
MEGAginge: I agree!
by John Smith July 25, 2004
Means fucked up, from the band of the same name. a fucked up situation. someone who is acting weird?!
this is fucking tism, man.
i am feeling pretty tism.
fucking tism.
by John Smith December 04, 2004
a person who is part chinese, white (cracker), african-american (nigger), hispanic (spic), indian, and jewish
Jeff is such a chcracknigspicdianew
by john smith March 23, 2005
Excessive user of the suffix "zilla" and constant tell of bad jokes eg."you can't go wrong making a right turn".
One who is Parimal is the only one who things that they are funny.
You are such a Parimal (meaning your not funny)
by John Smith August 16, 2004
Retarded kiddy-happy way of saying hello.
Often used by pedophiles to greet some sex deprived teenager to make them think there a girl
Hewwo tony, it's me clare will you give me you adress?
by John Smith March 21, 2003
A very smelly and stincy hairy beast, or just a person that forgot how to use the shower and hasn't showered for centuries and usually smells like feet (or shit, your choice)...

Also, a stupid, arrogant and funny looking male\thing that has no exact definition till this very day!
Look at him, his hair is all messed up and he walkes very funny - what a Boban!

Damn! He smells like pure shit! And his hair smells like my feet!
by John Smith March 31, 2004
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