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A girl that is like a bike that belongs to the town everybody gets a ride
That girl has slept with 20 men this week
by john lipuma June 27, 2005
Some one that can run a mile very well weather it be in track or from the police
i ran a 4:00 min mile yesterday and won the country championship
by john lipuma June 27, 2005
1.Some one who just looks at girls but never trys to get with them
2.a baseball player who looks at strike 3 every time
1.Boy:"hey her body is fine"
Girl:"hey u want my number"
Boy:"um um um.....drool"
2.This is the last pitch of the world series if he strikes out the game is over. the 3-2 pitch is right down the middle and he watches it go by.
by john lipuma June 27, 2005

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