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Bigger than God and greater than Jesus Christ, the Beatles are the ultimate phenomenom that changed the universe.
Strawberry Fields Forever
by John Lennon December 06, 2003
1:A dirty person. Someone who doesn't clean often, or lacks a certain hygiene level.Usually assocated with white trash, or trailer park trash.
2:Used as a insult to intimidate someone
Greg Marvin is such a dirtbag.
by John Lennon December 09, 2003
The buttocks or ass cheeks.
Damn! Look at the hamhocks on that chick!
by John Lennon February 03, 2004
slang for testicles.
I once was in a fight & got kicked in the nulips.
by john lennon February 03, 2004
Yoko Ono
Look at Yoko with that yoyo - the uselss meff
by John Lennon August 26, 2003
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