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1 definition by john john the facets gone

An offensivly putrid moron who enjoys watching scat porno on the internet while eating his own pubic hair and drinking stale milk. Often refers to others as"kid". They also are horifically skinny, fasion a bowl cut,date suicidal sluts, and often spend weeks at a time in dark basements playing dungeons and dragons with fellow Pereras. The only cool friends they have are the original kids they met in kindergarten before erectile difficulties, acne, b.o., and feces eating, was frowned upon. They also have a destraught love for incest with same sex family. Not only are they repulsive, but they are also selfish, if you come to their houses for dinner, they will eat pizza while they feed you weekold leftovers. They are also known as "Fuckalls" or "Fuckholes.
tour guide:And this is a perera, notice the fat hanging off the chins, stomach,thighs,and earlobs. These bugger like to have sex with their family members and give birth to horrific offsprey....feel free to take picture and poke them with sharp, painful objects.
Crowd:ooooooooooh, awwwwwweeeeeeeee
by john john the facets gone February 11, 2004