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a person who lives in wigan and has done all their lives.
is more hard and aware of things that are going on that most people.
usually wearing jeans and rockports and a stone island jacket going watching the latics and fighting afterwards. or going watching the rugby and eating pies.
they generally think they rule the north west, which they have good reasons to beleive.
look at that hard b****** over there, he must be a wiganer.
by john g November 10, 2004
means the coolest person on the vesti and gets all the girls when he shows them the goods.
methodist0ne = TeH CoOlNeSs
by John G February 12, 2005
thing or person that spends alot of your money
this whorebag is taking me to the pore house( example; cars or truks, boats, lifestyle and freeloading frends)
by john G October 13, 2003
a sweddy is the origional name for 'moshers'. they are the dirty type who are into grunge music and generally wear skater clothes, ripped clothes and have long scraggy hair (male or female)
they smell of sweat because they dont was and so they are called sweddys.
look at that dirty sweddy over there
by john g November 15, 2004
a boltoner is a person that lives in bolton and thinks they are hard and 'tha shit', but really they are poor lowlife scum.
they try to act all cool but really they are just pathetic and shouldnt be allowed outside bolton/horwich area.
look at that tramp over there in the nike Tn Cap... he must be a boltoner!
by john g November 10, 2004

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