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Sno Haus is a Ski shop in both Hempstead and Huntington on longisland. Its overpriced, small and more of a specialty shop. The owners are toolbags, bob neil caugh. Both locations are in shafty areas but right next to ritsy areas. One store looks like a hole in the wall and one looks like a log cablin in vermont or something. The huntington store also has a tall dude with a huge mustach.
I went to sno haus and got ripped off, but then again i didnt have to walk around with a shopping cart when shopping for skis and at the same time doesnt sell patio stuff.
by john foe September 28, 2006
A dix hills kind of town right next door to the hills of dix. Its in the same school district as the dix hills kids being the half hollow hills district. Both the northern state and LIE run though it and melville has its own post office unlike dixhills. which pretty much makes dix hills huntington station, but dont tell anyone from dix hills that.
For example, you could say im a dix hillian but then again i dont even live in dix hills i live in Melville.
by john foe September 28, 2006

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