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Round, warm, bouncy. :D
Boobs are fun to play with.
by John Doe January 01, 2004
coolest language ever!!
yo man si you don't hablas spanish estás out!!
by John Doe December 07, 2003
A word originating from the old D&D games, was used to express excitement when finding treasure, the player would say "Wow loot!" thus over time turning into "w00t" in the videogame world, as a form of satisfaction or victory..
"Wow loot!" -- Originating from D&D days..
by John Doe September 13, 2004
A leader of the pack, someone who everyone else follows
He never was one to follow the rules, he was a real trendsetter
by John Doe April 29, 2004
Ticket 1 million dollars.
Yo man I just spent a ticket on this house.
by John Doe March 31, 2005
first time for a kiss on the lips none of that cheek crap
I got my first kiss with that slut Katy Tucker
by john doe March 16, 2004
God came down from the heavens to play guitar
Jimi Hendrix is God
by John Doe June 12, 2004
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