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1) the worst case option
2) the course of action when all else fails
3) the final frontier
1) With the game on the line, Coach Peterson had no choice but to put their last resort, Rudy The Hunchback, on the field.
by John Bell November 25, 2005
1) Noun: label for a baseball player who has a horrbile pitching performance
2) Noun: pitcher who is incredibly ineffective and is regarded as the last resort on the team
3) Noun: A pitcher who has a ridiculously high ERA, (in this instance, 297.00, which is attainable by allowing 11 earned runs in ¨÷ of an inning)
4) Noun: A pitcher who has little or no command with his pitches and frequently implodes under pressure
1) "That Chris Carlucci," the coach announced, "is a Mr. 297 if I've ever seen one."
2) The scouts at the high school draft were especially cautious with prospects with past control problems so as not to have a Mr. 297 in their organization.
by John Bell October 10, 2005
an immigrant
my wife is from italy, she is a Frenchy.
by john bell June 12, 2012
Hairy Upper Butt Area
1. that girl had a huba that needed shaving
by John Bell August 09, 2005
to slam one into the ground, to knock the shit out of someone
present: "imma earf you, son"
past: "if you talk smack, you gonna git earft"
by John Bell May 19, 2005
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