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when there is some nasty shit(pussy crust) down in the female area (fanny).
"yo bro, that hoe had some fud crud last night... I could taste it and nearly quorfed"
by john abdhule September 12, 2008
When someone with cancer coughs on you.
"oh my god cancer splasher just coughed on me".
by john abdhule September 12, 2008
fanny webb has two meanings, the first being dirty sex juices that have been left and dried up.

the second meaning is, when a woman has not had any sexual activity for a while hence the webs in her vagina.
"oh fuck, i better fucking clean me up cause im dirty as shit... iv well got fanny webb."

"ever since i caught the aids all iv been getting down there is fanny webb"
by john abdhule September 16, 2008
When a mongo/retard/spastic/window licker slaps you in the face with its slaverly hands.
"billy(retard), what the fuck are you doin in the house".....billy responds with a*slaver slap*!?
by john abdhule September 16, 2008

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