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adj : nonstandard usage adv 1: reinforces an assertion, as in "that's aight"
syn: all right, no-doubt,cool 2: sentence-initial expression of agreement syn: very well, fine, all right, OK 3: (informal) in a satisfactory or adequate manner; "she'll do aight"; "He did aight!"; (`aight' is a nonstandard variant of `all right') syn: okay, O.K., cool, all right
"that's aight"
by john L November 11, 2003
A slang that originated from Game Gossip forums, which soon spread to other forums including Edgenetwork. The term came first from a thread where the thread starter talked about crackers and then later a guy responded ''i put both'' with GG's Evil Smile.
Jimbob: Whats your favourite food Pie or Cake?
Someguy: i put both :evilsmile:
by John L December 14, 2005

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