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A car that you can turn to do a 180 just by the push of a button. Also has machine guns and rocket launchers in the head lights.
Watch out for the Helicopoter!
Its ok, we're in the narc mobile, let me just a few 180's to clear the area out!
#car #narc #nes cars #iceman #maxforce
by john Kozlowski October 27, 2005
1. A Communistic Holiday (When the Russian's used to drive the army though red square)
2. Really tall black ladie in a bond film.
3. Wicken holiday, something to do with furtility
This May Day, the Kent States cops busted our keg party!
This is a wonderful May Day parade.
Ahhhhhhh May Day what a lovly ladie you are.
#holiday #workers day #communism #communist #wicken
by john kozlowski October 27, 2005
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