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The wet daydream occurs during the day when you are thinking about laying the bone to some hottie and you get a rock hard boner, and after it (the boner) goes down, you have a few drops of splooge in your underbriefs. Some guys may have a full load in their pants, depending on how hot of a situation they were daydreaming about.
Member of the media: "Mr. Jobs, what product will you be unveiling today?"

Steve Jobs: "This is the new Ipod, it can play music, movies, make coffee, and print U.S. currency. It is really great"

Another member of the media: "What price can consumers expect to pay for this amazing device?"

Steve Jobs: "I will answer that as soon as I get back from the restroom, I just had a major wet daydream."
by John Planet December 16, 2007
A bushpussy is a vagina with a ton of hair on, in, or around it. Panties or underwear can't contain the bushpussy. It overflows the boundaries of human undergarments and it is very, very disgusting. The bushpussy ranges in size from a small round puff to the size of a large dinner plate or a Pizza Hut medium meat lover's pizza. The bushpussy made it's debut somewhere around the beginning of time and resurfaced in Philadelphia in 1989. It is now very popular with the elderly community and also with a handful of young women that have no fucking idea that a giant bush is not a good thing. It takes 6 hours to trim the average 80 year old woman's bushpussy and that is if you use a weed whacker. The bushpussy is not only unattractive to the eyes, it usually smells like a dead fish with a pile of shit on it.
Rod: "Dude have you gotten on Vanessa yet?"
Paul: "Naw, dude, I was getting ready to blast that ass, but when I took her panties off and saw her bushpussy I puked on my cock and then passed out."
by John Planet August 30, 2007
The same thing as a dicksucker. Somebody who sucks on a dick. This word originated in 2001 on the campus of The University of Dayton in Ohio. An international student went off upon seeing that his chicken pot pie had been eaten, and he attacked the guilty party with a barrage of curse words. He managed to say just about every insult in the English language, and he even invented a new one: suckdicker. This word is much funnier if you can get an international student to say it in a fit of rage.
Mickey: "Who eat pot pie was mine!"
Scotty: "I ate it man I was hungry."
Mickey: "Scott, you faggot, mother of a fucker, bitch, asshole, shit, pussy, damnit Scott."
Scotty: "Fuck off loser."
Mickey: "You are a fuck, faggot fucker, son of bitch, suckdicker!"
Scotty:(walking out the door) "blow me asshole."
by John Planet August 19, 2008
A man that has really small genitals and always seeks out a stall to piss in in a public restroom, rather than run the risk of going to the urinal and having someone see his small penis, thus ruining his reputation and life. A stallpisser's greatest fear is the trough-like urinal where like 10 dudes line-up and take a piss in plain view of the other dudes. If a bar's restroom is set-up especially bad, the stallpisser may even resort to leaving the premises and pissing in a back alley or another store. Alexander the Great, Grover Cleveland, Danny Glover and Gandhi are four of the most famous stallpissers in world history. The stallpisser's biggest enemy is the close-pisser; a guy who pulls up to piss right next to you when there are 4 or 5 other urinals open.
Rick: "I gotta piss fucking bad man."
Roger: "There's the bathroom, go piss."
Rick: "There's a guy snorting coke in the stall and I can't fucking piss at the urinal man."
Roger: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Rick: "I'm a stallpisser. I only piss in the stall."
by John Planet November 19, 2007
A dumphump occurs when you bang a chick while you're taking a dump. Shitting, wiping your ass, and then banging while sitting on the toilet is not considered a dumphump. You have to be in the process of shitting while banging for it to be considered a true dumphump. If you can time it out so that you blow a load as a huge turd is coming out, that feels great. A dumphump does not have to be performed on/over the toilet. You could fuck your girlfriend from behind and shit on your bedroom floor while doing it, and that would be considered a dumphump also. Basically, if you're shitting anywhere, while banging a chick, that is a dumphump. It's a little known fact that 32% of women have more intense orgasms when they are breathing in the smell of shit. If you haven't tried the dumphump yet, try it soon.
Todd: "Did you nail Rebecca yet you dirtbag?"
Ron: "I did more than bang her little guy, I dumphumped her at that frat party."
by John Planet August 12, 2008
A very short, often ugly man, that for some reason can pull some serious ass. It could be because the guy has legitimate game or he has a big sausage or a combination of both. Every college campus has at least one pimpsqueak. Usher, Jeremy Piven, Prince, Joe Rogan and Jermaine Dupri are all perfect examples of pimpsqueaks.
Ron: "Is that Mandy Harris kissing on that little ugly dude over there?"
Chuck: "How in the fuck? I'd kill to bounce that ass."
Ron: "Why in the fuck would that guy get her?"
Chuck: "What can you say, the guy must be a pimpsqueak."
by John Planet August 24, 2008
Gigantic tits that hang down near the waistline of a woman. Also known as "longies," or "saggies," these jugs are most commonly found on older women. Waistline wonders are known to cause backpain for the woman and neck pain for guys that jerk their heads to gawk at them while saying something to themselves like "jesus, those tits are fucking huge." Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Chapman's wife has a big American set of waistline wonders.
Waitress: "Hey guys, what can I get you."
Tony:"A pitcher of cold beer and a large pizza."
Waitress: "Okay, I'll be right back." (walking away)
Donnie: (to Tony) "Hot damn brother, did you see them titties."
Tony: "I always notice big titties my friend."
Donnie: "Them were some waistline wonders."
Tony: "haha, fuckin A yes they were, let's get drunk."
by John Planet May 31, 2009

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