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for females, its an excuse to get dressed up and get tons of presents and feel like a princess.

for guys however, the sweet 16 is just another birthday and a awesome excuse to get hammered off your ass. as if we need an excuse.
girl- "id like to thank everyone for coming, i feel so great right now!!! i hope you all have fun"

guy- "ok my parents wont be home till tomorrow so drink up, if you throw up you drink more! if you see a cop hide in the crawl space or book it out the fire escape."

sweet 16s are fun
by john loves the bulls August 03, 2006
steve kerr is an nba analyst who was also a long time off the bench gaurd for the chicago bulls and san antonio spurs. in chicago his nick name was trigger because of how well he shot the ball.
wayne laravee: steve kerr for three, KABOOM!!
johnny red kerr: that three pulls the bulls up by 10!
by john loves the bulls July 20, 2006

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