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A term used loosely towards girls who's arses look like they've had a stroke, flat at the top and hanging down at the bottom
" Hey Girl!! whats with the Spongebob Square Arse?? "
by John Gaskell March 29, 2004
A pair of skin-tight silk track suit bottoms usually with 1 or 2 bold stripes running down each side. Common in area's such as Middlesborough or Flintshire etc.
" fuck me arrr kid, these silks are TOO fuckin tight, do ye wan em?"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
Undisirable females, but, when drunk they seem to suffice in the bedroom department
" Is right Boy! them dirts are comin' down on saturday, fuckin Cowpin' all round Brother! "
by John Gaskell May 28, 2004
Amphetamine Sulphate. Also: Speed, Billy Wizz.
" I feel absolutley fuckin hurt off the Lou Reed, I've been up for 2 days and I'm goin to get pissed up just so I can sleep for a bit, are you coming the Gauntlet? "
by John Gaskell March 08, 2004
To protrude your jaw outwards whilst rolling your eyes back into your head. Common in hot/humid nightclubs were a lot of people are dancing on Ecstasy.
also: gurn
" eh lad!! pick your fuckin jaw up off the deck and lets get to fuck, I'm fuckin hot as"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
To be absolutely off your face on drink and drugs, derived from the Yoghurt manufacturer Muller, after people (mostly gimps) used to go round sayin Creamed, Creamed turned to Mullered
" I was fackin mullered on friday night in the club, I was so facked that I started usin cockney words like Mullered "
#creamed #wankered #shitfaced #rotten #stinkin
by John Gaskell October 27, 2005
A person from Birkenhead often people get confused who live elsewhere in the country by the accent and think they're Scousers but the attire of a Birko suggests otherwise i.e the male usually sports an 80's mustache with a bright red Adidas track suit and blue felt Reebok Classic (the ones your mam used to wear for Aerobics class) and a skinhead with a fringe down to their eyes. The female usually sports skin tight pink Plazzy skirt with a dirty white top with 'squeeze me tits ye dorty bastad' felt letters on it
" Them fuckin Birko's stink of fish and smack, they're all tanked on Super
by John Gaskell March 23, 2004
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