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A person who seems to be constantly coming down off drugs in work during the week, but then seems to come alive during the weekend
" uh oh here comes the Comedown Kid and he looks fucked again but then again it is 8am on a monday "
by John Gaskell March 28, 2004
A Cannabis induced state causing your eyes to go red and fat looking, your eyelids to cover half the eyeball and your mouth to stay in a permantly fixed grin
(LAD A walks through Liverpool City Centre on his own Fat Eyed)
LAD A: " everyone knows I'm Blitzed, they're all looking at me, this is horrible "
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
English Currency. Money
" I wanted tae get rotten but I've no got dae Hireys "
by John Gaskell March 07, 2004
A Prodedure usually known as Kissing or French Kissing.Also: Tapping Off,Making Out,Kopping off etc.
" Who the fuck was that bird you were Gettin' Into? Boris Karloff's Lad? "
by John Gaskell March 31, 2004
A slang meaning Gimp,Beut,Nerd,Dork etc
" I went to University and had to leave because it was jam packed wall to wall with Gaffets, not Nice & Laughin
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
A Sequence or Chain of Horrendous Events
" Me fuckin bird fucked off with me mate & I'm gutted because I can't go for a bevvy with the cunt now,so I scored a quarter of Yeyo and decided to ring a ho to see if she'd be into getting fucked up with me and eventually ride her. She fucks me off too. so I'm driving at break-neck speed with bits of white still stuck around my nose area when I get pulled over by traffic coppers in an 850 Volvo. They rumble me for not having a license and being wired to fuck. They make me wear Plazzy overalls in the jail cell and I'm due in court on monday and its only friday night and I'm here to stay, fuck me this is Horrendii "
by John Gaskell March 08, 2004
An Overlarge Belly usually due to heavy drinking, short Slang for 'Cocky Watchmans Hut', Gut.Also: Ned Kelly
GIRL: " I'm not bein funny but that Cockys Hut is gettin fuckin massive, I've been gettin onto it when I suckin ye cock"
LAD: " Does it get in the way? do you want me to get the crash helmet out the shed or what? "
by John Gaskell March 31, 2004

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