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A Word meaning to give one a ride on the seat of a Bicycle. Also: Seater, Croger and ET
" Giz a Takey down the offy "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
A student's terminology for Cocaine.
The word is commonly used by the person(s) who have never tried the drug but use this slang to fit in with people associated within the cocaine drug culture.
"hhmmmmm yes of course I was out on the weekend man!!! never slept a wink, I was on the old Charlesworth"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
The Metropolitan Police, found in most countries.
"arr mate, I got gripped by the fatties with vandal grease on me silky's"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
A state of nervousness one has to overcome the next day after a heavy Bender, the hands usually shake alot even Ozzy Osbourne would be proud of.
" I'm jingly Jangly today, a few Stella Artois tins may overcome this problem methinks "
by John Gaskell March 29, 2004
Slang meaning Plastic
" I robbed some cunts wallet down a Jigger last night with a Plazzy shooter that I took from a Bairn "
by John Gaskell March 07, 2004
To perform an act of anal sex on a male or female, in my case female
Girlfriend: " No stop it, I'm on the rag "
Boyfriend: " No bother! U'll just have to take it up the farter "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
A person who seems to be constantly coming down off drugs in work during the week, but then seems to come alive during the weekend
" uh oh here comes the Comedown Kid and he looks fucked again but then again it is 8am on a monday "
by John Gaskell March 28, 2004

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