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The smoothest, fastest and Best lookin car I'v owned to date. It was 15 years old and still purred like a cat, Mercedes Benz are a definate recommendation.
" That night in the back of me Mercedes 190 AMG will stay with me until the grave "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
A way in which two people can travel on a bike at the same time,one sitting on the seat and the other sitting on the handlebar with their legs hanging down by the front wheel
" giz a crogger down the chippy "
by John Gaskell May 14, 2005
A Reassuringly expensive Lager of 5.2& abv. Turns a fellow from a small biscuit arsed dweeb into a kebab munchin groch, willing to pagger with anyone who doesn't agree with him.
" call forth the power of 9 Stella's and I'll bail you out of the Bridewell if you haven't caused too much trouble "
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
A Term used when a male gives a female a major facial i.e wacks off onto her Ricky Gervais and some hits her lip and she makes a weird face letting half her lip hand down thus making her look like she's had a stroke
" I burst out laughing when I gave her the money shot, she had a full-on Stroke Face
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
A Word meaning to give one a ride on the seat of a Bicycle. Also: Seater, Croger and ET
" Giz a Takey down the offy "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
Similar to fanny fart when engaging or after engaging in sexual intercourse the fanny lets all the compressed air out that you've banged up it thus making a fart or boff sound, usually quite fucking funny I might add
" hahaha you dirty scrut stop fanny boffing all over the place "
by John Gaskell May 14, 2005
The Penis
I slapped her face with my soft Talywhacker
by John Gaskell October 02, 2003
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