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really gay car, actually number one car of choice by pedophiles because kids are attracted to it because it looks like a matchbox car.
look at that homo driving that pt cruiser
more like a pt loser
i bet he fucks little boys too
lets go throw eggs at it
by john gallione November 12, 2006
talented, yes. overrated,yes. best song writer ever, no.

paul mccartney was known really as the lead beatle. though to common misconception, the best beatles songs were actually written by george harrison, not mccartney or lennon. paul also was known to pass on good ideas. I.E "while my guitar gently weeps". mccartney said it would never make the record and that it would be a mistake to record it. Harrison prevailed and got eric clapton (see god for more on eric) to play on the track. While my guitar gently weeps is known to lots of beatles fans as the best beatles song ever written.
paul mccartney is an over rated songwriter, still very good though.
by john gallione December 25, 2006
hell on earth. only good when you have a huge band and a teacher who isnt a total cuntwad. something that you can get thrown out of for improvising.
john got kicked out of the marching band because he improvised all his snare parts because his teacher is a fuckface and cant see what a good drummer he is. it didn't help that he made fun of her obesity and he was an athlete
by john gallione January 05, 2007
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