111 definitions by john doe

when you squeeze one of your balls real tight to make visible the vains and make it look gross
dude, i popped my sace doing that alien nut!
by john doe March 17, 2004
1). An overly dilated anus.

2). ProteinLily.
Holy crap! ProtienLily has a cavernous asshole!
by John Doe September 08, 2004
one's breasts, boobs, bazoombas, or in another sense, their booty; often used to describe a big one
So shake your bambama, come on now mama, this that shit that make you groove mama
by John Doe July 06, 2004
a person who is respected by his peers
WireDDD is eleet
by John Doe April 30, 2003
n. crap diddely- KraaaP DiD L e

used to express anger in a situation
holy CRAP DIDDELY i totally just spilled milk everywhere
by john doe March 15, 2005
A stupid lieng son of a bitch asian that should be hung
Me:"Hi Ritchie Jao"
RJ:"Im an asshole"
Well, ther ya hav it
by John Doe February 23, 2005
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- Governor of California, cyborg sent back from the year 2102 to take control of California, and then the whole world.
"Vote for me again next year, and I'll be back!"

"Asta La Vista Gray Davis!"
by John Doe September 17, 2004
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