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this one guy i know, he's pretty cool.
hey, it's Barhole
by John Doe March 10, 2004
An infamous corporation, whose sole goal in the economic world is to control every single aspect of the universe. Since their only goal of world domination wouldn't go over with the people of the world, this evil corporation disguises itself as being a "fun-loving, good-will-fostering, happy place." WHICH IS A BIG LIE! The Disney corporation is morphing the minds of the world's youth, into something almost "not human." And who is their spokesperson? A FUCKING RAT!
666, Dante's Inferno, The 7 levels of hell, Detroit Michigan, Devil's Playground
by John Doe February 19, 2005
Acronym for Democrat In Name Only. Refers to people affiliated with the DemoCratic Party who act like Republicans.
blah blah blah
by John Doe January 21, 2004
The juice emitted from a woman's vagina when she is sexually stimulated.
Damn girl, can I get a glass of that twater?
by John Doe July 19, 2003
obese child who constantly bitches.
Shut up, Keune.
by John Doe April 29, 2004
fast Internet service
AKA highspeed broadband
requires purchase of a cable modem.
speeds of up to a few mb.
great for downloading porn and viewing it
I used my highspeed cable Internet connection to download some hot Briana Banks videos off Kazaa
by John Doe January 21, 2004
If coca-cola and "Head and Shoulders" would ever merge, this is what the company would be called.
"Coca-Cola" and "Head and Shoulders" announced today they are joining forces. The new company will be called "Cokehead#"
by John Doe May 08, 2003

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