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Fluorescent stick bars that glow in the dark that are commonly used in the raves to create light effects while dancing by holding in the hands between the fingers.

The glowsticks are plastic capsules that conains glow items that generate light when two chemical compounds are mixed together in a process called chemiluminescense and then dilute hydrogen peroxide in a phthalate ester solvent. This process converts energy directly to light without flame or spark.
STRONGBAD -- Now lets go break open that glowstick and pour it into Homestar Runners Mountain Dew, i heard they have to pump your stomach when you drink that stuff.
by Johanna June 08, 2004
A drinking game using a mug with cards spread in a circle around it. You go in a circle drawing a card and do what that card means. If you make a gap between two cards, you take a drink.

Ace - Waterfall
2 - You
3 - Me
4 - Whores
5 - Rhymes
6 - Dicks
7 - Thumbmaster (until another 7 is drawn)
8 - Mate
9 - Categories
10- Draw Again
J - Make a Rule
Q - Questions
K - Pour Some Beer in the Mug (last person to get a king chugs the cup)
WATERFALL: Everyone starts drinking at the same time, the person who drew the card can stop when they want, everyone else has to wait until the person before them stops in order to stop.
YOU: Point to someone and they drink
ME: You take a drink
WHORES: girls take a drink
RHYMES: person who picked the card says a word, then you go in a circle and say a word that rhymes with it (without repeating one) whoever can't think of one drinks
DICKS: guys drink
THUMBMASTER: whenever they want, they secretly put their thumb on the edge of the table, everyone else does the same, the last person to put their thimb down drinks
MATE: pick a person to drink with you
CATEGORIES: say a category and go in a circle saying something within that category, whoever cant think of one drinks
DRAW AGAIN: self-explanatory
MAKE A RULE: make a rule for the gane (ex. anyone who says drink drank or drunk takes a drink)
QUESTIONS: go in a circle saying a question (like in "whose line is it anyway?")
by Johanna July 15, 2004
persian cotton candy

looks similar to dryer lint
this pashmak is yummy
by Johanna July 15, 2004
cute and sexy
by johanna August 15, 2003
1. Refers to any body part you hurt during a night of heavy drinking
Owww I hurt my Steber when I fell off the cliff after a long night of beer pong.
#body #parts #stebo #drinking #beer
by johanna June 19, 2006
A small fart. sounds similar to "pop"
Oops, i just let out a pooder.
by Johanna April 18, 2004
1 An old man;
2 A old man that drones on endlessly
1 "My grandpa's a funny little gaffer"
2 "My socials teacher is such a gaffer"
by Johanna September 09, 2004
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