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a person...or thing who:
1-puts up pics no one cares to see
2-tags people in those "tag yourself" things!
3-updates status every 5 minutes, no one cares that your eating yogurt watching jersey shore re-runs
4-you would look up this word to check if you fall under this category
guy 1-dude my dreams called me facebook trash last night...
guy 2- duuude thats harsh! and its a little gay that your talking bout your dreams.
#trash #facebook #yogurt #jersey #shore #gay
by joey!! ;D April 19, 2010
when you notice something outside your window, such as a swarm of butterflies or a shinny object or your neighbor picking his nose, that keeps you from doing whatever you have to get done.
i dont really have an example, because the definition was to amazing!

(procrastinate) they needed the word...
#procrastinate #im bored #neighbor #amazing! #blah
by joey!! ;D April 19, 2010
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