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(kuh-tri-vee-a-shon) – the act of contriving (plotting, inventing, scheming); confabulating evidence; presenting information as fact by distorting or misrepresenting truth
The monthly status report was regarded by informed stakeholders as contriviation.

Contriviation was the only plausible explanation for the story given to the police.

Masters of contriviation, they were able to get what ever they desired.
by joescho May 30, 2013
metrics associated with defects; a quantitative measure that can be used to prioritize defect removal opportunities;
Defectrics are latent defects in requirements (or design or code)

The number of defects per function point, or developer, or team are examples of defectrics.

A value-oriented defectric is the average cost to remove a defect
by joescho May 29, 2013
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