3 definitions by joeschmitt

The owner of a residence that shares the residence with another person in exchange for rent. The person with whom the roomlord shares the residence is his landmate.
My roomlord is a damn homophobe that charges me 10% interest on late rent! I thought we were friends!
by joeschmitt August 28, 2007
Describes someone who is constantly and annoyingly quoting and linking Urban Dictionary.
Man, Emily should get a job. She's been linking me to Urban Dictionary words every 2 minutes. And there are 10 emails in my inbox from her. She is way hyperdictive today.
by joeschmitt August 28, 2007
A person who shares a room or rooms in a residence owned by another person living in the residence in exchange for rent to the owner. The owner is the roomlord.
I took on a landmate to help me pay my mortgage and now that homo doesn't even pay his rent!
by joeschmitt August 28, 2007

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