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a term used to wind someone up by not answering there question or just said to just annoy in general.

usually said pitched and with a little cheeky grin and waving of the hand.
-jason : "ah fuck sakes...Will, where have you put my car keys?"
-will: "NI NW"

person bends down to sink to watch their face in the sink and looks up to the mirror to see someone behind them.

- person says "NI NW"
by joescarecrow February 05, 2010
a drink that is drunk after staying up drinking, made up of whatever leftovers (from bottles and cans)

sometimes poured through a sieve to filter out cigarette butts but the ash usually remains!

best enjoyed enjoed warm and with the sun on your face!
person 1 - "whats wrong with moe?"

person 2 - "he's been on the somerset sewerage!"
by joescarecrow February 06, 2010
a welsh term - roughly translated "to piss about"

or "to play the fool"

often used when someone is playing in their car!
person 1 - "wheres sam gone?"

person 2 - "chwarae dwli ar y back roads! guaranteed!"
by joescarecrow February 05, 2010
a welsh term used by ground workers ...to play/work using a digger!

chwarae means to play in welsh.
-"hey pricey, where's meric?"

-"chwarae diggers!"
by joescarecrow February 04, 2010

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