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A gentleman who picks up girls regularly and defies popular norms in the west coast dating market. Number of scores is inversely proportional to looks, status and money. Seems to have the master pelvic garage door remote. Also ranked, from 1 to the current level cap of 85. See Level 85 Panty Smasher
Friend1: How come we're stuck at this tech conference drinking beers with a bunch of suits and Pierre managed to get the Microsoft booth girls into a game of naked Dance Central back at his hotel room?

Friend2: Don't let the glasses and object oriented programming skills fool you. Dude is a bonafide Panty Smasher.
by joerockets March 30, 2011
Currently, the highest level of Panty Smasher. See Panty Smasher
Friend: Did you see his new car? He's gonna get a lot of chicks

Friend2: That guy is the office hero. He's a Level 85 Panty Smasher...he was able to melt thighs long before those kidney grills.
by joerockets March 30, 2011
Tattoo at the small of the back above the buttocks usually visible when low rise jeans are worn.
John: "My gf wants a tramp stamp"
Dave: "Dude, Puerto Rican License Plates should be illegal"
by joerockets September 15, 2009

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