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Software Engineer is a professional that uses Software Engineering and all of its engineering principals during all phases of software development. Too bad this was only achieved once in all of recorded history.
That hacker called himself a software enginer.
That coder thinks she is a software engineer.
Those programmer wishes they were software engineers.
I am the only software engineer I know that is why we don't have a union.
by joepa February 17, 2004
The V shaped part of a women's body below the waist.
At bikini or wet tee shirt contest: Look at that v-drive on contestant seven. I think the number nine has the best v-drive.
by joepa February 17, 2004
Reconnaissance Attack Helicopter 66 or Comanche Stealth Helicopter
Best helicopter ever built and never produced (below budget and on time) now terminated.

Another word for scrap.
Get the RAH-66 stuff and melt it down.
That car is RAH-66 the engine is blown.
by joepa April 16, 2004
Electronic addresses such as: e-mail addresses; URLs for web sites; cell phone numbers, home phone number, office phone number, pager number and pin, fax number etc. …
Here write down your e-dress so I can contact you.
Our Hockey Club has a larger e-dress section on the registeration form.
by joepa April 21, 2004
Any rigged election or contest.
The election was W-ed.
The winned was hand picked it was W-ed.
by joepa February 17, 2004
1) A web sites index or start page.
2) where you live.
Either click to go home or I will send you home.
by joepa February 18, 2004

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