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Third Country National, the official US military term for citizens of nations other than the US and the local country. Mostly employees of KBR and the other big contractors, most TCNs are Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Filipino, and do the majority of the menial labor on US bases throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. The specific title exists to make the important distinction between these contractors (who are indirectly employed by the US government) and direct government employees on the one hand, and local nationals on the other.
"Do those TCNs have any job besides cleaning our bathroom? They're always in there!"

"Seriously, I think they sleep in there. Saves KBR the expense of giving them a room."
by joedirtbag April 25, 2008
The one-stop-shops run by local national AAFES subcontractors in Iraq. They sell most everything that the PX doesn't, and are your number-one source for cheap local souvenirs and hajii vision DVDs.
Oh man, I forgot haji mart is closed on Fridays. Where will I buy my pirated DVDs and cheap perfume?
by joedirtbag April 25, 2008
The local lo-fi DVD-pirating industry serving US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any early release of a film that's still in theaters was probably filmed in the theater, complete with Arabic subtitles and silhouettes of the people in the front row.
You want to go to the base theater tonight?

Nah, I've already got that one on hajii vision.
by joedirtbag April 25, 2008
The US military's official designation for citizens of Iraq or Afghanistan, as opposed to Third Country Nationals, the ubiquitous contractors found on bases throughout both theaters. See haji.
"You're going to be on duty late today. A crew of local nationals are doing some construction on our HQ, and I need you to keep an eye on them."
by joedirtbag April 25, 2008
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