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The dad of a family of little kids who ski. They are usually rich and from New York, Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts and ski every weekend in Vermont, also often pulling their kids out of school to go skiing. They irresponsibly let their little kids loose around the mountain zigzagging around in the trees and cutting everyone off. They take videos of their kids skiing a "hard" trail and post it on youtube, making sure to make the kids' age apparent. A typical video will be in a glade, and the dad will stop and film each of their five kids ski past. They cover their fancy SUV with bumper stickers for Mad River Glen and Stowe among others, and make sure to have a ski rack that everyone can see, keeping it on during the summer. They are obnoxious and inconsiderate to any others on the mountain, thinking they and their kids are the best skiers on the mountain.
Joey is a ski dad. He drives up from jersey every friday night to Sugarbush in his suburban covered with ski bumper stickers with skis packed in the overhead rack. He spends his day chasing his kids in the glades and cutting the lift line because he is rich and supposedly a better skier than them all. They return on Sunday night so his kids can continue to fail school and he can continue bragging about his kids in a ski blog.
by joebob455 April 24, 2011
The mother of a family who skis. She drives around in an Escalade and is often from Mass, New York, Jersey, or Connecticut. She puts many bumper stickers for vermont resorts she has never even heard of. She occasionally joins the dad and kids on their weekend trips, and when she does, she takes a couple runs on groomers then sits in the lodge all day sipping cocoa in front of a fireplace while holding a table for eight, even though others are desperately looking for seats. On the lift, she brags about certain runs that she in fact didn't do. She will then brag about her children's ski "achievements" and claim that she is a local. When she gets back home to jersey she brags to all her lady friends about her ski "abilities". Like a ski dad, also very rude and inconsiderate to others on the mountain.
On gondola at Stowe
Ski mom: Hourglass was sweet! Maybe I will do it again...
Other person on lift: Oh really? I want to head up there but I don't want to go in the backcountry alone, wanna come with me?
Ski mom: Oh, uhhh...I meant it was sweet when I did it last year but I tore my ACL a few days after so now I can only ski blues. Sorry...
by joebob455 April 24, 2011

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