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2 definitions by joe price

rap is a genre of music unlike no other.its not all about shootin people n shit.people are to ignorant 2 be open 2 a new type of music and atleast try 2 like it so they have 2 be assholes about it and go around talking shit about it.there are so many meaningful songs by tupac and biggie and even eminem but people are to stubborn 2 listen 2 them.
aint nuthin worse than when ya son wants 2 kno y his daddy dont luv'im no mo
u cant complain u was dealt this
hell of a hand wit out a man feelin helpless
because 2 many things 4 u 2 deal with
dyin' inside but outside u lookin fearless
while tha tears is rollin down ya cheeks ya steady hopin things dont fall down this week
cuz if it did u couldnt take it
and dont blame me
i wuz given this world i didnt make it
by joe price June 02, 2005
used like juggalo.
that dude iz a down ass ninja
by joe price June 02, 2005