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A female, whether alone or not, who:
1) is constantly nattering and/or using social media until she falls asleep or passes out

2) generally sounds like she is using a 'script'
The nattering social succubus is sucking the life out of me.
by joe Kokomo September 06, 2012
One who:
1) never expresses original thought and states the obvious
2) is a barometer for consensus

3) immediately does what others do to avoid any chance of embarrassment
4) does 1-4 irrespective of ethics or fault
The boss's conformatron is screwing us over

That conformatron is a tool

I feel like smacking my head off the table every time the conformatron speaks.

He couldn't help from laughing and rolling his eyes as the conformatron tried to play devil's advocate.
by joe Kokomo September 06, 2012
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