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gives you more viruses than a dirty old diseases ridden prostitute from the back street's of thailand
hey joe wanna get a virus !

sure bob should we fuck a old prostitute
or download kazaa ?

both !
by joe bob February 13, 2005
A band with 5 members, emoish and kick ass.
I saw Mae today, in Boston, in the middle of the street, playing Tisbury Lane.
by Joe Bob March 05, 2005
When it was introduced in 1991, it was one of the most revolutionary designs of the time for laptops, with a trackball between the user and the keyboard. Later PowerBooks were the first with 16 Bit internal stereo and trackpads in the portable consumer market. Nowadays they are extremely powerful, and hold their value quite well.
My PowerBook 100 from 1991 starts in 10 seconds and shuts down in 1 second. Dang that's fast.
by joe bob February 26, 2005
A phrase used durring a time of excessive joy.
My friend Jason shouted out ,"Woosha when he rolled a Yahtzee."
by Joe Bob December 14, 2003
1. Has never participated in an act of oral sex.

2. Has never acted in a film of pornographic nature.
1. 'Dude, she's really hot, and she has a clean face!'

2. No porn star has a clean face.
by Joe Bob April 26, 2004
the most annoying fucking thing in the world. it should die.
Lost another loan to ditech!
by Joe Bob June 07, 2004
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