15 definitions by joe bloggs

question towards a female, asking her to state her preffered entry hole. pink = pussy brown = anal
do u take it pink or brown?
by joe bloggs September 21, 2003
An uncommon slang term for "head", or the act of a male recieving oral pleasure.
I got some hot downtown lester brown on the weekend!
by Joe Bloggs August 22, 2004
very dumb
That boy is dumb as shit.
by Joe Bloggs October 13, 2003
a sound produced by a person immediately preceding death, resulting from the passage of air through the mucus in the throat.
He gave a death rattle and then died.
by Joe Bloggs October 13, 2003
Highly respected Australian gentleman, known for his great leadership and hard partying.
The Baer honored us with his presence.
by Joe Bloggs August 27, 2003
A retorative reply to Americans, who are talking bollocks!
As in: "Actually, that is total bollocks".
by Joe Bloggs December 19, 2004
Teamo = Team Emo

Teamo is a collective body of emotive individuals who hope to express their inner most feelings.
Teamo shall own 8emo and anyone else who tries to bring it out of it's emoness
by Joe Bloggs January 01, 2005

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