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A broken down busted up girl.
From a distance that girl looked really quality but after getting a closer look it turned out that she was a bruised peach.
by jocko jones August 22, 2004
When betting on a game and the team you have is -6 and is winning by 10 with 5 seconds to go and allows the other team to score a meaningless touchdown. Or a ref makes a horrible call that effects the out come of the game.
Mo got the bookie call. He had the Redskins favored by 10 and they allowed the Chargers to score a TD with three seconds left.
by jocko jones August 22, 2004
AKA the Philly Eagles
I can't believe that the Camden Light Choakers lost yet again in the playoffs, what a bunch of sorry losers!
by jocko jones August 22, 2004
A place where all the fruits and nuts of the world convined to vote the terminator as their leader. The only place in the world it can take you four hours to just get on the fuckin highway from the beginning of the on ramp.
I'm really glad that I don't live in that wasteland California.
by jocko jones August 22, 2004
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