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When an over-weight woman places her fat rolls on the mans penis and proceeds to jack him off with her fat rolls.
Dude, I just got a rolly polly by that fat bitch on our hall.
by Jobinhammer101 December 02, 2009
While doing your girl doggy style in snow reach and grab a handful of snow. Pull out and spit on her back, giving her the impression that you came on her back. Then proceed to ejaculate into the handful of snow, when she turns to look shout "SNOW BLIZZARD, BITCH!" then shoved the semen covered snow in her face.

Also if your girl likes golden showers, tell her to try the lemon flavor.
Dude I so gave my girl a snow blizzard yesterday during that snow storm.
by jobinhammer101 January 12, 2010
When your life is going incredibly well. Its as if you get a hard on for your life.
Dude my life is going so well, I have such a raging life boner.
by jobinhammer101 January 12, 2010

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