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• Elbow fighting is a game in which only the ruthless play.
• You have razor blades attached to your elbows and then you fight your opponent to the death. Anything is allowed. Low blows and even face shots, but all of this has to be done with your elbow. An elbow fight can be started any where, on the street in the arena, even in a public place. You just have to announce the fight by saying “Elbow Fighting!!!!”
those god damn shomari's are always elbow fighting, on my street.
by jobba jobba February 28, 2005
The sac under a 500 lbs. persons stomach, which grows around the pubic region, due to excessive eating.
Kevin McDonald has a 94 pound jugglet, that sweats profusely.
by jobba jobba March 14, 2005
a person who shakes, scratches and has achieved white lips by doing to much crack.
that Tyrone Biggums is such a Shomari
by jobba jobba February 25, 2005
A person who sits in front of a house all day on a porch and snoots cocaine all day.
"Get out of here you god damn shomari's"
by jobba jobba February 24, 2005
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