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Someone who won't let you do or go anywhere without him/her.
I really wanted to go snowboarding at Lake Tahoe with my friends this weekend but my ball and chain won't let me go.
by joanne January 07, 2005
the band i love and that are now splitting up because they are so fucked up that they cant see what they are doing to each other.....and to me.
whatever happened to the likely lads
by joanne November 27, 2004
Scottish term of derision originating from the programme, "Chewing the Fat" Use your imagination as to what it exactly means
Ho you fanny baws, I'm going to stick my boot so far up your arse you are gonna think Doc martens started making hats.
by joanne August 19, 2004
The language of talking like a total retard online AND in real life.
1."oMg lyk wer did u get dat shrt!?!?!11twentytwo"
2. "a/s/l!?!!111"
3. "Guess what pant size I wear?"
"Negative 6! -jokingly-"
"OmlG ur SU luckie!!!!!!!!11"
by Joanne October 08, 2004
On chat forums/boards these are things that are usually found under the main messege. Usually they eaither provide a link to some place, list a current goal, or say a witty phrase. Usually seperated from the main messege with a series of ----.
1. I was scanning over the posts to my forum and I saw the funniest siggys in the world!

2. (There usually in this format)
-Long boring messege no one cares about-
-siggy with something funny in it like, 'if abuse is illagal, was is there school?'
by Joanne October 09, 2004
Utterly fantastic and irrepressible
There goes that cunt the irrecrompable Les Bell of oldjockradio.com fame!
by Joanne November 22, 2004
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