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To me these so called "sex bracelets" are just a fashion right now.What kind of dumb ass would do sexual favors over a bracelet,i have many friends who have tons of them and just think they are cool....My mom thinks all this talk of those so called sex bracelets are a waste of time.....
who ever made that talk about the bracelets up is very loneing and dumb....!!!!!!
by JoAnna August 18, 2004
beautiful, smart and fun to be around
My gilrfriend is a Zeoli
by Joanna February 28, 2004
a thing to wear on one's foot to insulate and avoid foot odour. can come in many shapes, colours and sizes

Also a word used as per the first two examples below.
' i'll give you the sock'
' i want none of your sock'
' does this sock belong on my ear?'
by Joanna September 30, 2003
A fancy word for the words "head buzz"
Hey... i have an ausophelioma.
by Joanna April 17, 2005
to bitch-slap someone, pref. a female.
You better watch yo'self, lest you want to get ho-checked, beyotch!
by Joanna May 14, 2004
having drama, being pissed
dude, what's your beef?
by joanna December 23, 2003
really cool actrises
by joanna July 02, 2003
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