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3 definitions by joah

(v) the act of sneaking up behind a sitting victim and bouncing your bare scrotum up and down on their head repeatedly as if playing the maracas.
"Ray dislikes the beltbuckle, therefore we subjected him to the rubbler"
by joah March 20, 2005
1. a. a poo that you let go in water, preferrably with the anus pointed at someone. b. a thin cylindrical anus-propelled underwater projectile
I bet you can't hit josh1 with a torpoodo.
by joah March 11, 2005
derogatory term commonly used to describe any female wearing grotesque amounts of makeup to conceal her beastly appearance.

also, clowny, clownzy
your girlfriend is so nasty, she's always clownin.
by joah July 16, 2005