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the result of one or more Obamaniac s at any fast food chicken restaurant, ie. popeye's, kfc, etc... it has many forms. it can be a sound..."shii bloood!" it can be an act..."gii me yo mufukkin wallet, honkey!" it can also be a state of mind...
LAWYER:"my client would like to plea guilty to the charge of theft of chicken and hubcaps. he would like to plea guilty due to mental incapacitation due to Obamania.
DEFENDANT:"shii blood!"
WIFE: honey, what happened to the car?HUSBAND: it was pure Obamania down at kfc.
WIFE: oh my god are you okay?
HUSBAND: yes, they only took the hubcaps and our dinner, which was a 6 pc. with biscuits. i should have known when i saw the Obamaniacs on the corner.
by jo mama nu April 17, 2009
anyone from the "huh-hum" (clear throat prepare for riots.) shady side of town, that eat fried chicken with waffles. also like amongst this group is purple drink and urange drink.
black guy 1: shii bloood, did you see dat Obamaniac eat dem mufukkin waffles, nigga?
black guy 2: woord??? man dat Obamaniac is one waffle eatin mufukka! shii, wooord?
black guy 1: shii homie, dat nigga do be drankin the mufukk out some purple drink too, g-money-nutz-nigga! wooord?
cop: back to the projects, you fuckin monkeys.
by jo mama nu April 17, 2009
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