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3 definitions by jniz

The act of emitting male ejaculate on a female's face, and then delivering a quick punch to her nose, causing a nosebleed.
Yeah, I finally gave her a clownface last night. She hadn't consented, so she was rather upset with me. The good news, however, is that now I only need to pull off the Dirty Sanchez.
by jniz March 02, 2008
9 9
A hybrid of the words "skut-bucket" and "slut." Implying that a female has a morally casual attitude
I got five skluts in the car, we need to find a place to chill so we can eiffel tower them!
by jniz March 02, 2008
3 5
(N) A person with whom you are familiar. Used as a sign of affection
Sup,dick? What's good?
by jniz March 02, 2008
11 17