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Subgenre of rap where Jewish guys rap about being Jewish.
This genre of rap includes artists such as 50 Shekel.
I love the heeb hop lifestyle!
by jnando January 27, 2006
A derogatory word used to describe someone who wears a turban.
This person is usually of Middle Eastern descent.
Go back to Iraq you towel wrapper!
by jnando January 27, 2006
One who skis moguls.
All the bumpers are skiing over on Outer Limits.
by jnando February 03, 2006
When a person is smoking pot out of a bowl and they accidently suck the hot ash through the pipe into their mouth or throat.
Cough! Cough! Dude! I pulled to hard and got a screaming eagle!
by jnando February 03, 2006

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